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We use innovative technological solutions to improve the conditions of user service, and help ensure the safety and relevance of the foundation’s materials. Our entire team is focused on the informatization of the economy and society, the provision and dissemination of spatial data!

At the moment, the fund is the only provider of topographic, geodetic, cartographic and spatial data of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From year to year, there is a dynamic expansion of work, both in the nomenclature and in the geography of the republic. The staff of the foundation has all the opportunities to continue to successfully perform the tasks assigned to it.


Our products

We specialize in the storage and delivery of remote sensing materials, topographic and geodetic, cartographic and spatial data, using digital technologies. Our specialists know how to provide high-quality material! We are for innovative technologies and digital development!

The initial data and materials of the foundation will help you to perform any work in the field of cartography and geodesy. On our website, you can see the available materials and data, as well as the projects we are working on.


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